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Iridescent Lustres

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Light dances off the surface of the unusual 'spider's web' iridescent surface of this latest rendition of our 'award-winning' Lustres collection. From pretty lilacs and greys to calming blues and greens, coolness pervades the palette of soft evocative shades.

  • Choice of 12 soft, evocative shades on a hand made base tile
  • Up to 50% of the base tiles have a top edge glaze
  • This Lustrous reflective glaze requires cleaning with non-acidic products

PLEASE NOTE: Colours may vary slightly from those shown due to different tile base. Please ask for a sample or speak to your nearest retailer before ordering.

Ballet, Charleston, Samba, Swing & Jitterbug


11 x 11 x 1 square£84.80 sq.m inc. VAT

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