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Care & Maintenance

The handmade, artisanal qualities of our product have drawn customers to choose Marlborough Tiles for generations. We pay attention to every detail of the tile to ensure the highest quality.

As a result of our artisanal production and glazing techniques, some tonal variation should be expected in both our floor and wall tiles, which we try to reflect in our product photography. The surface undulation of our tiles may vary from batch to batch, and tiles may not be perfectly square due to uneven shrinkage and firing.

Wherever possible, we recommend that tiles are laid out prior to fixing.

All of our glazed tiles are suitable for use in bathrooms.

Our ceramic tiles may craze over time. This is a celebrated characteristic of ceramic tiles.

Please note that all ceramic tiles are susceptible to impact damage and undue abrasion.

Sealing Crackle Glazed Tiles

Crackle glazed tiles require sealing on the top glazed surface. We recommend using Marlborough Tiles Crackle Glaze Sealer.

If you need to cut the tiles, please seal them first to protect the glaze from dust and dirty cutting water. You should then also seal your tiles once they are in place on your walls, but prior to grouting. To do so:

  • Use a dry cloth or sponge to buff the Crackle Glaze Sealer into the surface of the tiles
  • Leave for 30 minutes
  • Wipe off with dry cloth
  • Leave for 2 hours
  • Repeat steps 1-4
  • Proceed to grouting process when ready

For further information please refer to manufacturers instructions.

Please note that glazed tiles are unsuitable for work surfaces.

Reactive Glazes

Tiles with reactive glazes notably our Soho Collection should only be cleaned using soap and water with a soft cloth.

Acid based cleaners will react with the glaze and damage the surface of the tiles. Note reactive glazes are unsuitable for work surfaces.

Grout Width

We recommend a variable grout width of 3-5mm for our wall tile collections.

We recommend that tiles are laid out by eye (not with plastic spacers) prior to fixing, halving any size differences.·

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

“An excellent product and superb service. Many thanks to Grace and Jamie from Marlborough”

Nick Lester, customer

“Handmade tiles with wonderful glazes; the craftsmanship, the beauty and the customer service.”

Ephia Yasmin, customer

“Always visionary and ahead of the times from the outset.”

Ben Spriggs, Editor-in-Chief, Elle Decoration

“Your service is outstanding and everyone is stunned by the result. I could not be more delighted.”

Pat Jones, customer

“Marlborough are a trusted collaborator to design unique tile collections which delight our customers”

Rebecca Malon, Head of Design and Product Development Neptune

“Over 20 years, our brand has relied on Marlborough for specialist colour and glaze development.”

Colin Roby-Welford, MD of Fired Earth
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