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Colour scientists

Colour scientists

We produce colours you simply won’t find anywhere else.


Our colours

As colour scientists and colour devotees, we spend endless hours in the lab playing with colour. It’s one of our core strengths and something we’re very proud of.

Our colours are renowned for their depth and complexity – which is why interior designers and homeware companies choose us to make their products for them. In fact our ability to create colour and glaze from scratch is truly what sets us apart.

Close up of anita holding a colour chart whilst reviewing a wall tile collection with her wall tile lab in the background.
Close up image of four colour pigments of turquoise, green, off-white and yellow
Close up of hand sprinkling blue paint pigment into a metal bowl

The best shades

Each of our colours is individually mixed, selecting from over 50 raw pigments and stains that are expertly combined to create exact nuances of shade we are looking for.


What goes into our colour?

We start by mixing a recipe of frits, china clay, deffloculant, binder and water in varying quantities and with some additions depending on whether we’re making a transparent, opaque or matt glaze.

Next we add rich pigments to achieve our signature depth of colour, carefully adding each in exactly the right amount for a complex and absorbing colour.

Every batch of our unique colour is then rigorously tested for consistency and durability before it goes into production.

“An excellent product and superb service. Many thanks to Grace and Jamie from Marlborough”

Nick Lester, customer

“Handmade tiles with wonderful glazes; the craftsmanship, the beauty and the customer service.”

Ephia Yasmin, customer

“Always visionary and ahead of the times from the outset.”

Ben Spriggs, Editor-in-Chief, Elle Decoration

“Your service is outstanding and everyone is stunned by the result. I could not be more delighted.”

Pat Jones, customer

“Marlborough are a trusted collaborator to design unique tile collections which delight our customers”

Rebecca Malon, Head of Design and Product Development Neptune

“Over 20 years, our brand has relied on Marlborough for specialist colour and glaze development.”

Colin Roby-Welford, MD of Fired Earth
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