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Choosing the perfect grout colour

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Choosing the perfect grout colour

Choosing tiles is a wonderfully exciting part of designing your room. It's where you can get really creative with colour and texture, selecting from an array of beautiful glazes and shapes. But how many of us consider grout colour at the design stage?

Though it perhaps doesn't sound like the most creative of decorating decisions, grout can be used to striking visual effect, and the colour you choose has a real impact on the impression a wall of tiles makes.

Perhaps you'll let opposites attract and select a grout that contrasts with your tile colour to accentuate the geometry of your tile layout. Alternatively, you could choose to closely match the colour of your grout with your tile to create a minimal look, where the grout lines all but disappear.

Below, for example, are two tiles in similar tones - April Showers and Green Shoots - both from our Seasons collection. On the left, white grout draws the eye to the layout of the bricks, while also adding a sense of freshness to the overall look. On the right, jasmine coloured grout has a warming and harmonious effect, blending with the colour of the tiles.

L-R: April Showers with white grout and Green Shoots with jasmine grout, both from our Seasons collection.

At Marlborough we have a small but considered offering of different grout colours, shown below from left to right: white, jasmine, silver grey, limestone and medium grey.

Let's look at each of these grout options a little more closely, and consider some of the different ways you could use them...

Grout colours MT

White Grout

White grout is always a popular choice and creates a fresh look when used with any tile colour.

As you can see below on the left, used alongside darker tiles such as Manton Hollow from our Savernake collection, white grout draws the eye, accentuating the grid pattern of the layout.

On the other hand, used with a paler coloured or white tile, such as our Cool Companions long brick in Nice & Easy, white grout creates a wonderfully crisp, clean feel.

L-R: Savernake squares in Manton Hollow and Cool Companions long bricks in Nice and Easy, both with white grout.

Handpainted Leaf antique White 2 1
Matt diminished blue white grout 6x21 styled board 2 WEB

L-R: Emma flax blue handpainted tiles and Marlborough Matts skinny bricks in Diminished Blue, both with white grout.

Jasmine Grout

Our jasmine grout is a soft, pale yellow and a wonderful choice to bring through the warmth of a tile. Here, it adds a cosiness to Heather Bank bricks from our Seasons collection, and accentuates the golden tones of the glaze of our Halcyon squares in Ochre.

It can also be used to highlight the rustic nature of our handmade and handpainted tiles, such as with the Wilding collection pictured below.

L-R: Heather Bank bricks from our Seasons collection, and Halcyon squares in Ochre, both with jasmine grout.

Silver Grey Grout

Our silver grey grout is a softer grey, which beautifully complements tiles in gentle mid-blues, greys and greens. Here it creates a wonderfully calming effect used with Morning Mist bricks from our Seasons collection, while it picks up the highlights in the reflective glaze of our Soho brick in SoSpruce.

Silver grey grout can also be used to complement darker blue tones, such as the flat, matt Coldharbour Green in our Marlborough Matts collection, and the sumptuous varied tones of Islay, part of our Isles collection launched in Spring 2023.

L-R: Morning Mist bricks from our Seasons collection, and Soho brick in SoSpruce, both with silver grey grout.

Matt coldharbour green silver grey grout close up top down WEB
Isles Islay skinny brick metro tiles with silver grey grout

L-R: Coldharbour Green bricks from our Marlborough Matts collection, and the Islay skinny brick metro tiles from our Isles collection, both with silver grey grout.

Beige Grout

As you'd expect, our beige grout is a warm stone colour. Used here alongside Packhorse square tiles from our Ullswater collection and Soho SoLinen bricks, beige coloured grout adds earthiness and warmth, enhancing the lines of their crackle glazes, and creating a look that's very much at one with nature.

L-R: Packhorse square tiles from our Ullswater collection and Soho SoLinen bricks, both with beige coloured grout.

Medium Grey Grout

Medium grey grout is also a very classic choice, and a softer, subtle alternative to black.

Below, Medium Grey grout is used to two different effects. On the left, the classic subway tile look is created using Simplicity large brick in Pure White in a half brick bond layout. Note how the eye is drawn to the geometric patterns created by the contrasting coloured grout lines.

On the right, the same grout colour sits beautifully with the grey blue of Grace square tiles from our Halcyon collection, to create a more blended feel.

L-R: Simplicity large bricks in Pure White, and Grace square tiles from our Halcyon collection, both with medium grey grout.

As you can see, grout colour choice can make such a significant difference to the final appearance of tiles that we think of it as being a key decision, and not one to take lightly. The right shade for you will depend very much on the look and feel you wish to achieve in the room.

Each of our tiles show the ideal tile and grout colour pairing on the product page so you can choose the perfect grout colour with confidence.

Our design team has a great deal of experience in such matters, and we would be very pleased to help you make a decision. Simply get in touch.

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