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The timeless appeal of white tiles


The timeless appeal of white tiles

Bringing a sense of harmony to any space, white is a wonderfully versatile choice when it comes to interiors — beautiful in its own right or as a companion to almost any other shade. Yet there is more to this neutral than initially meets the eye.

As part of her role developing our new products, Anita Rivers spends hours in her lab, experimenting with colour. When creating whites, Anita always begins with our hand mixed opaque white frit. Next, she adds the smallest amount of a stain chosen from our bank of over fifty pigments. “Subtle undertones within whites can create a very different overall effect,” Anita explains. “A dash of blue makes for a cool, bright white, stunning in a contemporary bathroom. Adding a touch of pink to the white frit creates a softer look that works beautifully in a country kitchen.”

Our colours are renowned for their complexity, and while our precise colour recipes are a closely guarded secret, we can tell you that one of our favourite whites has no less than four different pigments.

China Clay, Shell and Ivory, from our Elements collection.

By example, our Elements collection, shown above, is a palette of three tiles in different whites, each with a gloss glaze. From left to right, China Clay is a bright white with a touch of blue. Shell is a soft white with yellow undertones, while Ivory is a warm white with pink undertones.

Understanding the light in your space and having an idea of the feeling you seek to evoke will help you to choose the perfect white tile. South facing rooms are basked in light from the sun all day long, and a white that has cooler blue and green tones will bring a sense of balance to your space. On the other hand, north facing rooms will be warmed and softened by a white that includes subtle yellow or pink tones.


White hot

You'll find white tiles in a variety of tones and textures across our collections. Here are just a few of our current favourites.

Kennet Winterbourne

Skinny Metro

Skinny brick metro wall tiles from our Kennet collection in warm white Winterbourne, with matching white grout.

Skinny brick metro wall tiles from our Kennet collection in warm white Winterbourne, with matching white grout.

Sims Hilditch design studio selected Jack Frost medium bricks from our Seasons collection for use throughout this beautiful, crisp bathroom.

Chalk White from our Contemporary Classics collection is a true, bright white that is clean and contemporary without being cold.

This fresh and clean kitchen sink splash-back features Ivory square tiles from our Elements collection.

Valley, from our Ullswater collection, is a square tile in antique white. Available in your choice of three vintage-inspired hand piped relief designs, including Margot (the floral motif shown here) and as a plain tile.

A smart and sophisticated range cooker panel featuring Alabaster large brick tiles from our Simplicity collection.

Icing on the Cake is a soft white brick tile with crackle glaze, guaranteed to stand the test of time.

White tiles really do provide a clean canvas, brightening up a room whatever the weather. This tile in particular – Nice and Easy long brick from our Cool Companions collection – is a lovely option, because it features an undulating surface that will reflect light around your space.

Stone House White from our Contemporary Classics collection is a clean, off-white with a grey base with fresh green undertones.

Antique White from our Contemporary Classics collection is a classic off-white tone that really does go with everything.

When it comes to choosing the perfect tile for your space, we always recommend ordering several samples. Take the time to consider the tiles in the light – literally – of the space you are renovating. Move them around the room, and look at them at different times of day as the light changes.

"Finally, though it perhaps doesn't sound the most glamorous of design decisions, grout can be used to stunning effect with white tiles. Choose our Medium Grey grout to add a dramatic, contemporary edge, or White Grout for a crisp, clean finish."

Need a little more help making your decision? Our design experts will be very happy to advise you. Simply get in touch.


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