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The art of authenticity: Ten reasons our Delft tiles are simply unrivalled

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The art of authenticity: Ten reasons our Delft tiles are simply unrivalled

In a market teeming with imitations, you might be wondering what makes Marlborough’s Classic Delft tiles so special. Read on to discover ten reasons why, in a world of mass production, choosing our tiles is a vote for craftsmanship, authenticity and tradition.

  1. Time honoured craftsmanship
    We have been making Delft tiles since we were founded in 1936, preserving a craft handed down through generations. That legacy is woven into every brushstroke.
  2. Unmatched artistry
    We are, to our knowledge, the only remaining maker in the country painting Delft tile in the traditional way — with each brushstroke painted by hand into unfired glaze.
  3. No shortcuts, just mastery
    Forget screenprinting and stencils. Our artists paint freehand, directly onto unfired glaze. It’s a skill that takes months of training, and which captures the natural fluidity and movement of the artist’s brushstroke — one of the things that makes authentic Delft so instantly recognisable.
  4. Pigments of the past
    To this day, our artists paint using the original Delft pigments procured by our founders nearly ninety years ago. (In fact, our two Delft blues are named after each of them: Rosalind, a bright and vibrant Delft blue; and Sylvia, a sophisticated grey-blue.)
  5. Single firing
    Because we paint onto raw glaze, we are able to fire the tile’s base glaze and the hand painted design at the same time. This has the effect of beautifully integrating overlapping colours and enhancing the vibrancy and depth of the artist’s work.
  6. Precision in production
    This distinctive firing technique means that we only fire our tiles once, which ensures consistency. If we painted onto already fired tiles, the base glaze would be fired twice and therefore would become darker, and no longer a precise match for plain tiles it accompanies.
  7. Signed with pride
    Each hand painted tile is signed on the reverse by the artist. After all, each one is a unique work of art.
  8. Customised designs
    Come and play on our website – choose your illustrations, corner designs, tile colour and finish – even down to the shade of blue in your brushstrokes, and create a tile that's uniquely yours.
  9. Perfect for your space
    You can also choose the perfect tile body for your space — from our rustic, hand crafted artisan biscuit with its organic edges and crackle glaze to a clean edged, gloss glaze tile, and everything in between.
  10. British made
    Each one of our tiles is made by hand here in Marlborough, England, at the factory where we were founded almost 90 years ago. Buying from us truly is a vote for traditional British craftsmanship.

But look, there is only so much that the written word can communicate. The best way to see the difference that all of this makes is to hold one of our beautiful Delft tiles in your hand. (We might even suggest you compare it to a sample from elsewhere!) So go play, create your first customised, hand painted Delft tile, and order a sample to see the difference for yourself.


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