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Hebridean hues

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Hebridean hues

Argyll, Iona, Uist, Raasay, Harris, Skye and Islay. Even the names of the Scottish Isles are somehow captivating, carrying a sense of intrigue and majesty, and evoking the ancient legends and rugged landscapes which have inspired artists and poets throughout the ages.

In a previous article, we shared the story of how the Isles collection came to be — a true labour of love for our team, years in the making, inspired by the rugged natural beauty of these awe-inspiring places. Today, we're pleased to offer you an even closer look, exploring the colours that make up this remarkable collection.

Each of the seven colourways within the Isles collection is made up of numerous layers of glaze in different hues and weights, as well as a variety of different oxides which cause specific reactions. As a result, tones shift gently across the surface of the tiles. The overall effect is quite extraordinary – an ode to the rich colours and the boundless beauty of the landscape that inspired the collection.

Join us as we journey through each complex shade, uncovering the inspiration behind each one.


A striking red-blue with subtle turquoise undertones, Islay captures the magical effect of sunlight reflecting from the gently undulating surface of a loch. Pictured here in a beautiful outdoor bathroom, with silver grey grout, chosen to accentuate the tonal variation and create a subtle contrast.

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Raasay is a rich layered jade tone with twinkles of turquoise, inspired by the drama and mystique of the dark woodlands on a misty day. Combining four varied tones, from light turquoise to jade green, reminiscent of the dappled shade of a Scottish woodland.

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A gentle, nuanced shade that blends off-white with gentle pink undertones, Uist is inspired by the stone and limewash of traditional bothies. A calming shade with soft, warm tones that are ideal for use in a bathroom or kitchen. In the images below, Uist skinny metro brick tiles are finished with beige grout, which perfectly highlights the beautiful pink undertones.

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A fresh, uplifting green mixed with two oxides to create underlying burnt orange and yellow tones, reminiscent of Skye’s soaring Cuillin ranges. Ideal to brighten up any bathroom or kitchen, Skye adds vibrancy to any space. The tiles have been finished here with jasmine grout, which brings out the tiles' light, bright green hues and yellow undertones.

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Argyll is a dramatic dark blue speckled with pink undertones, inspired by the sea stacks that envelop Argyll’s coastline. These tiles look beautifully decadent and make a real statement in a kitchen or bathroom. Pictured below, the deep colours and tactile nuances of these handmade tiles are emphasised with silver grey grout.

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Argyll Skinny Metro

Isles argyll metro skinny brick portrait WEB

Skinny metro brick tiles in Argyll from our Isles collection have an heirloom quality, and look as exquisite in this farmhouse pantry today as they would have done one hundred years ago.


Harris is a vivid turquoise with aqua undertones that pays homage to the crystal-clear waters that surround the Isle of Harris. The square tiles featured below are used alongside white grout, accentuating the bold beauty of the tiles. Meanwhile our skinny metro brick tiles have been paired with silver grey grout, which blends harmoniously with the blue-green colour of the tiles, creating a restful effect.

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A rich Victorian green with a viridian underlay, evocative of the wild moss and lichen that adorns Scotland’s rugged landscapes. A wonderfully warming range of green tones, Iona is perfect for use in kitchens as well as bathrooms for a luxurious, heritage feel. Below, Iona tiles have been used alongside jasmine grout, which brings out the warmth and depth of the green hues.

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In addition to the extraordinarily rich and varied tones of each colourway, you'll find that the tones of the Isles collection appear different as the light changes throughout the day. We recommend ordering some samples, and observing them in the area you intend to tile at different times of day, to experience the full effect.

Finally, rest assured that included in your full order, you will find guidance from us on how to best lay out your tiles in order to achieve a beautiful, even and natural finish.


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