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Shine bright: decorating with jewel tones Shine bright: decorating with jewel tones


Shine bright: decorating with jewel tones

Opulent hues that will elevate your space long after the decorations come down.

At this time of year in particular, jewel tones really do abound. But used right, this palette is far from being just for Christmas. Rich, shining colours such as emerald, sapphire and ruby have a luxurious quality that will add an inviting depth, drama and opulence to your home, long after the decorations have come down.

You’ll find a kaleidoscope of sparkling jewel toned tiles to choose from within our collections – and today, we’re highlighting some of our favourites. Read on to explore the spectrum and to learn how to incorporate these dramatic shades into your home design scheme.

Jewel tones in our collections

A shining spectrum

With their gleaming surfaces and multiple layers of richly coloured glaze, handmade tiles are the perfect way to add these stunning shades to your interior design scheme. They reflect light around a room in a way that beautifully emulates a multifaceted jewel.

At Marlborough Tiles, our ability to create colour and glaze from scratch is one of the things that truly set us apart. Our glazes are renowned for their depth and complexity; each one is individually mixed, expertly combined from our collection of over fifty raw pigments and stains to create wonderfully rich shades you simply won't find anywhere else.

There's a secret to the stunning depth of colour seen across our most vivid toned tiles. To mix them, we draw upon traditional techniques first used by the Victorians, such as adding cobalt and copper oxides into the glaze. These oxides refract light of a different frequency to the pigment, adding extraordinary dimension to the colour.

When it comes to using incorporating these tones within a scheme, there are several approaches you might choose to take. Perhaps you favour the maximalist look – in which case, more is more. Consider bringing multiple rich tones together. Perhaps a deeply coloured tile with an eclectic patterned wallpaper and dark textiles in an opulent fabric such as velvet.

Alternatively, you might wish to introduce a jewel toned accent, like our customers, Roxanne and Chris (above, left) who added a glimmer of magic to an otherwise neutral kitchen, by running two neat rows of gleaming SoEmerald Medium Brick tiles around their otherwise white toned kitchen.

Don't be afraid to use dark colours floor to ceiling, which creates the illusion of additional height. Our customers Nic and Sophie – whose stunning home was recently featured in Architectural Digest – created a bold and dramatic look for their shower room (above left) by running Dusk Square tiles from our Kensington collection from floor to ceiling.



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