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The interior design themes set to shape 2024


The interior design themes set to shape 2024

We at Marlborough Tiles are dedicated to the principles of timeless design. We believe in buying once and buying well, and in investing in pieces for the home that will last for generations.

When we create new products, all of this is at the front of our minds. We steer clear of fleeting trends, focussing instead on creating timeless collections made using the traditional processes of our craft – because we believe that these are the factors which imbue our tiles with enduring charm and character.

And, through conversations with our customers and collaborations with interior designers, we have a unique vantage point that allows us to spot the subtle shifts in preferences that shape the year's aesthetic landscape. Today, we are delighted to share four themes that we've seen again and again in recent months, and which we foresee defining interiors through 2024 and beyond.

Hand painted

Blue & white

It would be fair to say that decorative blue and white hand-painted tiles are nothing new; Delftware is a design classic that has been around for centuries. But already this year we are seeing a swell of appreciation not just for Delft tiles, but for blue and white hand painted designs from across our collections. From the delicate botanical tendrils and soft Flax Blue of our Emma collection, to the bold, fluid brushstrokes of our Mediterranean-inspired patterned Ana tiles, to our new hand painted Delft corner designs – which offer an elegant new way of incorporating the classic look into the home.

Ana powder blue

handpainted tiles

Ana powder blue lifestyle white grout web

Wilding handpainted

playful British animals


decorative corner motifs

Wilding 13 lifestyle white G web

Delft Clover Corner

Handpainted motifs

Classic Delft Clover Corner Blue Grey White Grout styled board Low

Contemporary Classic Delft

handpainted designs

Contemporary Classic Delft

Corner motifs

Delft Contemporary Landscape Classic Panel 2 web

Emma Flax Blue

handpainted designs

Emma Flax Blue

Frame Border

Emma Flax Blue

Frame Border Corner

Emma Flax Blue

Plain Square tile

Handpainted Leaf antique White 2 1web

Classic Delft

handpainted designs

Classic Delft

Corner motifs

Classic Delft Figures Classic Corners White Grout styled board Low

Delft Ornamental

handpainted corner motifs

Classic Delft Ornamental Corners White Grout styled board Low
Porcelain floor tiles


When it comes to flooring, it's the sunsoaked, earthy tones of terracotta that shone throughout 2023, and this year look set to continue to grow in popularity. Our Andalucia collection of floor tiles look just like real terracotta, but are in fact made from porcelain. This means that in addition to being utterly beautiful, they are durable, long-lasting, stain-resistant and easy to clean. They can be used outdoors or indoors, and are suitable for use with underfloor heating, so you can bask in their warmth all year long. The collection is available in two gentle colours and in hexagon, square or brick shapes.

Andalucia Seville Small Brick Living Nook WEB
LOW Harriet Marlborough Tiles Bool 129 Main
Andalucia Seville Small Brick Jamie Sitting 1 WEB
Andalucia Seville Small Brick Herringbone Vase Fermoie Cushions
Andalucia Seville Small Brick Acer Lying WEB

Our Andalucia collection echoes the colours of terracotta and the long hours of southern sunlight in Seville and Granada, with the minimal maintenance requirements of porcelain.

Soft tones

Gentle neutrals

Perhaps it's the continuing influence of the Scandi aesthetic, but of all the tones and colours from across our collections it's the off-whites, gentle neutrals and soft earthy greens that have been of most interest to our customers in recent months. Our recently relaunched signature collection, Contemporary Classics is a mainstay of this look, made up of ten nuanced, neutral-toned tiles with a subtle crackle glaze. Timeless and elegant, the collection is the perfect accompaniment to contemporary colour schemes, and a favourite of interior designers.


Organic textures

We are pleased to note that our customers and the interior designers that we work with continue to favour the zellige look, choosing handmade and organic textures over mass produced, glossy finishes. We have been making tiles by hand at our factory in much the same way since we were founded in 1936, and are delighted to note that collections featuring our rustic, artisan biscuit (such as our Isles, Kensington, Ullswater and Kennet collections) are particularly highly sought after. To make the tiles, raw clay is pressed by hand into a specially designed frame, creating a thick, characterful tile body with rough edges and an organic finish. As a result of this process, no two tiles are exactly the same and these collections have an undeniable heirloom quality. They would have been as beautiful in a home a hundred years ago as they are today, and we dare say that that will still be true in decades to come.

We hope that this article has offered inspiration for your next project. If you would like advice or help in finding the perfect tile for your space, please get in touch. We are here to help.


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