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Five interior design and tile trends for 2023 that will stand the test of time


Five interior design and tile trends for 2023 that will stand the test of time

It would be fair to say that we have complex feelings about design trends here at Marlborough.

On the one hand, we are strong believers in the philosophy of buying once and buying well - of investing in high quality pieces that will stand the test of time. On the other, we are magpies for beautiful things, truly interiors-obsessed, and enjoy each and every opportunity to pore over new-season reveals from our favourite makers and designers.

What has become very clear over the years is that while some trends are destined to quickly become dated, others have an enduring quality. With careful consideration and a discerning eye, it is certainly possible to embrace contemporary design while creating a timeless look for your home.

With that philosophy in mind, we are pleased to share with you five of our favourite interior design and tile trends for 2023.


Heirloom qualities

One key theme we have noticed again and again this year is a reverence for items with age and character. The ‘fast fashion’ approach to interiors is gone. Leading designers are increasingly choosing to mix antique furniture and other pre-loved objects with more contemporary finishes.

At Marlborough, we have been making tiles by hand at our factory in much the same way since we were founded in 1936. We are delighted to note that collections featuring our rustic, artisan biscuit (such as our Kensington, Ullswater and Kennet collections) are increasingly sought after. To make the tiles, raw clay is pressed by hand into a specially designed frame, creating a thick, characterful tile body with rough edges and an organic finish. After initial firing, the glaze is poured directly onto the tiles in several layers, which pool across the contours of the biscuit, creating wonderful tonal variation.

As a result of this process, no two tiles are exactly the same. These collections have an undeniable heirloom quality. They would have been as beautiful in a home a hundred years ago as they are today, and we dare say that that will still be true in decades to come.


Resurgence of craft

As the tide turns away from mass produced items, we are also seeing a resurgence in craftsmanship, and in celebrating the designers, makers and processes behind the objects in our homes.

From handmade furniture to textiles created using traditional techniques, the interior design world is embracing unique, artisan-made objects that are not only beautiful, but which have a story to tell.

At Marlborough, we have been painting Delft tiles by hand in the traditional Majolica technique, since we were founded more than 86 years ago by two enterprising female artists. This method of hand painting takes months of training for an artist to master, with each stroke painted by hand into the raw glaze of the tile, before being fired.

Our recent hand painted collection, Wilding, honours this heritage and encapsulates our values. Each tile is made by hand with care, artistry and the utmost attention to detail. The collection features nine untamed and playful animals from British wildlife, individually painted by hand in Delft blue on a handmade, rustic tile body.



Something that has become clear for many of us in recent years is that spending time in nature can be both comforting and revitalising. Interior design has always looked to the environment for inspiration, and the new year will be no exception.

We’ll be bringing the outside in, with natural textures, motifs and patterns from nature, such as pretty botanicals and leafy tendrils.

Our hand painted Emma collection is one of two collections created in collaboration with leading interior design studio, Sims Hilditch. Drawing inspiration from delicate florals patterns, each design is painted by hand onto an aged crackle tile, for a beautiful vintage look.


Layered, organic textures

Organic textures and materials from nature will continue to grow in popularity, and this year it’s all about layering. Picture textiles such as linen, rattan and wool, alongside natural flooring materials like stone, reclaimed timber and aged terracotta. The imperfect qualities of these materials add warmth, tactility and depth to a space.

Of course, for many of us - those with pets, children, a penchant for red wine, or perhaps all three - natural flooring may not be the most practical choice. At Marlborough we advocate for porcelain floor tiles. Durable, easy to clean, stain resistant, and capable of being used with underfloor heating, porcelain is certainly the most practical option when it comes to choosing flooring for your home. It can also be among the most beautiful. Our French Limestone flags, Andalucia terracotta-effect floor tiles and Weathered Oak collections are extraordinary examples.


A palette rooted in nature

In terms of colour palettes, soft, airy neutrals will feature highly, alongside warm, earthy tones. It’s green, however that looks set to have its moment in the sun.

Green is a wonderfully rejuvenating colour that adds a sense of balance and freshness to both modern and heritage homes. This year we'll see it in shades that run the spectrum, from dark and moody to soft and gentle – such as this beautiful tile in Sherwood Green from our Marlborough Matts collection.



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