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The shape of things: choosing the perfect tile for your project

Practical tips

The shape of things: choosing the perfect tile for your project

Welcome to our essential guide to the tile shapes and sizes within our collections – created to help you find the perfect tile for your upcoming project. From trending skinny metro tiles to scallops, squares and beyond. Let's jump straight in...


Skinny metro tiles

Skinny metro tiles have been particularly popular in recent years, and this is our considered take on the trending shape. We have paid close attention to the balance of the tile’s proportions, and at 6 x 21cm, it is a touch longer than most, and narrower, making it easy on the eye and striking a beautiful visual balance when installed, between grout line and tile.

You will find skinny metro tiles in a rich variety of delicious colours and finishes within our Isles, Marlborough Matts and Kennet collections.

Marlborough Matts

Slate Blue skinny metro tiles

Matt skinny brick tile in dark blue

Marlborough Matts

Coldharbour Green skinny metro tiles

Blue green skinny metro brick tiles in a shower


Argyll skinny metro tiles

Shape slider isles argyll metro skinny brick portrait 2 WEB


Winterbourne skinny metro tiles

White skinny metro tiles in a kitchen


Islay skinny metro tiles

Skinny dark blue textured tiles

Marlborough Matts

Coldharbour Green skinny metro tiles

Blue green skinny metro brick tiles in a shower

Scallop tiles

A panel of scallop tiles has a real ‘wow’ factor, lending character and creativity to a space. Our Soho collection features scallops with stunning depth of colour, which comes from the subtle yellow undertones lurking beneath the vibrant blues and greens. To achieve this, we have drawn upon traditional techniques first used by the Victorians, such as adding cobalt and copper oxides into the glaze.

Scallops have a pretty delicacy about them and create an elegant pattern made up of looping, soft curves. They can be laid with the curve uppermost in the pattern for an art deco effect as shown below, or facing downward for a ‘fish scale’ pattern like this. Alternatively, you might choose a playful and creative Arabesque pattern, as shown here.


Square tiles

Fashions come and go, but square tiles stand the test of time. They produce a balanced look that doesn’t emphasise either height or width. The feeling is classic, calm and confident. Choose a contrasting grout to draw the eye, or alternatively, a grout in a harmonious colour to blend with the tiles.

You will find small square tiles at 11 x 11cm in our Isles, Halcyon, Kensington, Ullswater, Landscapes and Neutrals collections, and larger format 13 x 13cm square tiles in our Aged Crackle, Contemporary Classics, Elements and Savernake collections.


Wild Rose square tiles

Dusky pink square tiles


Manton Hollow square tiles

Inky blue square tiles


Ivory square tiles

White square tiles above a kitchen sink


Silverless Street square tiles

Blue grey square tiles


Dusk square tiles

Dark blue square tiles for bathrooms or kitchens


Escarpment square tiles

Dark crimson tiles in a kitchen


Packhorse square tiles

Handmade earthy brown tiles in a kitchen


Uist square tiles

Handmade neutral square tiles

Hexagon shaped tiles

Hexagons are certainly having a moment when it comes to interior design, but they’re also a classic geometric shape. In our Latitude collection, you’ll discover hexagons in a host of gorgeous blues, greens and greys which coordinate beautifully with wooden flooring, like thes ones shown below, in Dogger. Choose a single shade for a colour block effect, or a mix for a more creative composition.

Don’t feel you have to use hexagons throughout a room – they’re stunning in a small panel or on a feature wall. Thanks to their size, our Latitude hexagon tiles work well with tiles in other shapes. Try them alongside bricks to create impact.


Dogger Hexagon Matt

Weathered Oak


Latitude Dogger Hexagon Weathered Oak Honey Wide Angle Shot WEB
Large format

Long brick tiles

A larger tile creates fewer grout lines, and a look that is both clean and spacious. Our long brick tiles measure in at 11 x 33.5cm, and have a cool, contemporary feel. Their large format means that they are very well suited for use over an entire wall, such as in a wet room. Tiles in this size are the perfect addition to a Shaker-style kitchen, and are particularly well suited to the space above a range cooker. Find them within our Cool Companions and Latitude collections.

Cool Companions

Nice & Easy long brick tiles

A white kitchen with long brick tiles above a range cooker


Wight long brick tiles

Woman standing in a beautiful dark blue kitchen with long brick white tiles above a range cooker

Cool Companions

Nice & Easy long brick tiles

A beautiful white kitchen with long brick white tiles above the range cooker.

Cool Companions

Nice & Easy long brick tiles

A green kitchen with white long brick tiles above a range cooker

Cool Companions

Nice & Easy long brick tiles

A dark blue kitchen with salad items on the counter and long brick white tiled backsplash

Brick tiles

A true design classic. Bricks can be used to wonderful effect with many layouts – from brick bonds to herringbone patterns. Our small bricks are a petite 6.3 x 13cm, and work beautifully in a restricted space where they make a big impact. Our medium bricks are a classic 7.5 x 15cm size. Both have beautiful visual balance. Whichever you choose, bricks are a dependable choice.

Find small bricks within our Aged Crackle , Contemporary Classics and Savernake collections, and medium bricks within our Marlborough Matts, Aged Crackle, Posterity, Seasons, Soho, Underground and Vintage collections.


Large bricks

Our large brick tiles measure 10 x 20cm. Fewer grout lines mean that they can fill entire walls comfortably without ever making a space feel busy. Being larger, these tiles are easy to lay and give a precise, neat look. Their traditional size and timeless appeal suit both classic and contemporary interiors. Kitchen units tend to measure 60 x 60cm, and these tiles divide neatly into those dimensions, which can be useful when designing your space.

Find them within our Simplicity collection.

We're here to help

We hope this short guide has helped you to narrow down the perfect tile shape for your project.

Whether you need advice on tile shape, colour scheme, or the number of tiles to order, our design team is on hand to help. Simply get in touch.


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