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Hand painted Delft tiles

Hand painted Delft tiles

The iconic blue and white pottery, with its evocative motifs and exquisite brushwork, has been popular for 400 years and counting.

Discover our collections of hand painted Delft tile designs, from traditional landscapes and flowers to birds, ships, playful wildlife and delightful cherubs.

Interior Design

Decorating with Delft

Perhaps you'll choose a panel of delightful cherubs in classic Delft blue above your range cooker, or an array of classic landscapes and flowers mixed with plain tiles as a splashback beneath your kitchen window. Or, to make a real impact, consider covering an entire wall in a patchwork of Delft tiles. For something truly special, our artists are also able to paint the designs of your choice. Simply get in touch to find out more.


Hand painted Delft tiles

You'll find an array of hand painted Delft designs in our collections, from delightful cherubs to delicate flowers, to classic figures and landscapes. Below are just a handful of our favourites. Our talented artists can also paint the design of your choice in the traditional Delft style.


Classic Delft collection

Classic Delft

Corner Motif

Classic traditional floral delft tiles with decorative corners

These delightful tiles are from our Classic Delft collection, in which you will find an array of traditional florals, figures, ships and landscapes, as well as classic decorative corners, all painted in the classic Delft blue using the traditional Majolica technique on a 11 x 11cm tile.

Wilding collection


Corner Motif

Hand painted Delft tiles with playful and untamed animals from the English countryside.

Our Wilding collection reimagines the classic Delft style, with nine untamed and playful creatures from the English countryside, individually painted by hand in the traditional Delft blue on our handmade, rustic biscuit. These charming British tiles will bring delight and character to any living space, and we have no doubt will ignite the imagination of your little ones.

Contemporary Classic Delft collection

Contemporary Classic Delft

Corner Motif

Delft Contemporary Landscape Classic Panel 2 web Delft Slider

These tiles are from our Contemporary Classic Delft collection, which includes array of florals and landscapes with contemporary decorative Delft corners on a 13 x 13cm tile, all painted in the classic Delft blue using the traditional Majolica technique and finished with our signature crackle glaze.

Amorini collection

Amorini 9 Tile Panel web slider

Our Amorini collection features your choice of six delightful and angelic cherubs, hand painted in classic Delft blue on a 13 x 13cm tile, with delicate decorative corners. Also available as a charming panel of either four or nine tiles.

Delft Birds collection

Delft Birds

Corner Motif

Delft Blue Bird Panel 1 Slider

With their large decorative floral corners, tiles from our Delft Birds collection make for a striking addition to kitchens and bathrooms alike. Each design is painted by hand in the classic Delft blue on a 13 x 13cm tile, and finished with our signature crackle glaze.

Polychrome Delft collection

Polychrome Delft

Corner Motif

Polychrome Delft

Each of the six colourful floral designs that make up our Polychrome Delft collection is painted by hand into raw glaze in a soft, slightly muted colour, created to harmonise with classic Delft Blue decorative corners.

A devotion to our craft

Our Story

Think of wall and floor tiles and you’re likely to imagine functional rectangles in busy areas like bathrooms, kitchens and halls. But for us, a tile is where science meets art. Each one represents the sum total of experimentation, learning, technique and passion passed down for generations.

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